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While you are impressing someone or getting a job interview, the first thing everybody notice, is your taste of fashion. Mark Twain described it as thus,” Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” Naked means having no sense of dressing. Thus, it is important to have a good taste of fashion in order to make yourself valuable in the society.

Donning latest styles of cloth has become the most loved tradition all around the world.  A rough estimation shows that fashion industry is gaining vast profit of about 1.2 trillion dollars and spending 250 billion USDs annually. Every year, countless apparels and new fashion series come into existence. According to a survey, average American woman spends 75$ and two and a half hours per week for their wardrobe shopping.

As the Hans Hofmann says,” The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”. As it is mentioned above, your dressing describes yourself. So, majority of people like a moderate taste of fashion, neither too sexy nor too dumb. This advises us to adapt a light and moderate kind of dressing.

The question is where you can find such flavor of dressing? Don’t worry, keeping in view the recent fashion trends, Pink Plush boutique offers you with numerous pieces of influential and recent fashion-trending clothes.

For women:

Hunting for various pieces of attractive wardrobes, in a mall or online, is a habit of almost every woman on the planet. They spent most of their time in search of clothes that may fit with their personalities.

Whether you are a husband and want a simple gift for your wife or a woman who want to be dressed for a special event. Pink Plush boutique provides you with a unique collection of finely made women shirts, hoodies, raglans and much more with quotes or a simple saying written on them.

 It often becomes an awkward situation that you may receive guest on your welcome door suddenly. It may greatly affect your reputation as you may wear an awkward piece of dress for home, in order to avoid those heavy and uncomfortable dresses. But Pink Plush wardrobes have a special advantage; they are adapted in every environment without their charm and grandeur being vanished, so you may wear them inside as well as outside the house!

For Girls:

When it comes to girls, they always have to attend their daily life events such as school or college, music classes, academy and so forth. It might be very annoying and time-wasting to choose two or three dresses for each of the session. And if the dress accidently gets dirty, you may have to spend a lot of your time and effort to make it clean, but quality-wise not the same as it was.

Fortunately, we provide you with well-made collection of tee-shirts, raglans, jackets and much more. These shirts are designed in such a way that they are easy to clean and cast an enchanting beauty of them throughout the day.

Pink Plush Latest Collection:

Besides these, Pink Plush boutique has a latest collection of tee-shirts, raglans, etc. with various quotes written in adorable designs. Our Latest collection includes:

  • “I’m the reason, mommy drinks” Unisex Raglan.
  • “Nothing Smore Cuter” T-shirt.
  • “Casey” Sweater.
  • “Daddy’s girl, Mommy’s BFF” T-shirt.
  • “Mini Me” T-shirt.
  • “I rather watch…Youtube” Unisex raglan.

Next to these, we also provide sales on varied items like

  • “Lacey” Fringe Sandals.
  • “Jenny” Gladiator Sandals.
  • “Sparkle more than fire” T-shirt.
  • “Selah” Blue Sparkle Shorts.
  • Cream/ Gold Sparkle Dress| Size: 12M-24M.

And many more, within the cost of 10$!

At the end of October, Halloween is coming! So, for Halloween, we have some specially-designed spooky collection of clothes available that maybe fitted on you as well as your girl. These include:

  • “Pumpkin Patch Babe” Raglan.
  • “Posing for candy” Raglan.
  • “Zombies, Monsters, Goblins” Raglan.
  • “Fab Boo Lous” Raglan.
  • “Ghouls just wanna have fun” Tee-shirt.

One of the best reasons for choosing Pink Plush boutique is that we provide a sizing chart for our customers so that they may buy the dress of their own befitted size.

Note: The dresses have their dispersed available sizes, right next to every dress picture. So, beware about sizes before buying a dress.

Return and Exchange Policy:

  1. We will accept any non-clearance items within 14 days after purchasing, within these terms:
  • The item must be free of any stain.
  • The item must be unworn.
  • It must be in new and unused condition with its sale label attached to it.

Caution: Unless the Pink Plush boutique is flawless of any mishap, the customer will pay all shipping costs on return.

  1. You can secure your 25% restocking fee by returning any holiday item within 7 days before the holiday.

          Holiday items include:

  • Graduation, back to school, all holidays and any occasion that has a deadline
  • 2017 graduation return deadline: 5/25
  • 2017 Back to school return deadline:8/31


  1. There is no return on the monogrammed or personalized item, unless Pink Plush boutique is responsible for any kind of flaw.


  1. If, there is a mishap in the delivery time like the item has been stolen, damaged or lost, we will not be responsible for it. It is suggested you to make sure that you are provided with the tracking number or delivery confirmation and keep this as a record for our possible references.


  1. Refused and undeliverable packages are acceptable, but the original shipping cost and undeliverable charges from the courier may be deducted from the original cost of the package.


  1. Pink Plush boutique will repay the cost of returned package as soon as we receive the package and will send you a delivery-approval message and refund in the form of original payment such as credit card used during the purchasing. If your refund is received, your credit card company may take up to 7 days to transfer the refund to your account.

Changing or cancelling the order:

If, you want to change or cancel your order, immediately call us at (480) 292-8329 after making a purchase. We are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM MST.

Once your order is complete, you will get an email at your email address, for the confirmation of your order.

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